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Airline Pilot Central Forums

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Airline Pilot Central Forums (APCF) is a popular online community for airline pilots that provides a platform for discussing various topics related to aviation. The community is divided into four sections: Airline Pilot Forums, Career Builder, Pilot Lounge, and Help & Feedback. Each section has several subforums that cater to specific topics of interest.

The Airline Pilot Forums section is the most popular section of APCF. It includes several subforums, such as Major, Regional, Cargo, Charter, Fractional, and Foreign. The Major subforum is dedicated to discussing anything related to legacy, national, and low-cost carrier airlines. The Regional subforum is for discussing regional airlines, while the Cargo subforum is for discussing part 121 cargo airlines. The Charter subforum is for discussing part 121 passenger charter airlines, and the Fractional subforum is for discussing companies such as NetJets and FlexJet. The Foreign subforum is dedicated to airlines that hire U.S. pilots.

The Career Builder section is dedicated to providing resources for pilots who are building their careers. The subforums in this section include Flight Schools and Training, Military Aviation, Career Questions, and Hiring News. The Flight Schools and Training subforum is for discussing ratings, building hours, airmanship, and CFI topics. The Military Aviation subforum is for pilots who have military aviation experience. The Career Questions subforum is for discussing career advice, interview preparation, and job fairs. The Hiring News subforum provides the latest news and rumors about hiring at various airlines.

The Pilot Lounge section is dedicated to non-aviation-related discussions and aviation threads that don't belong elsewhere. The subforums in this section include Hangar Talk, Safety, and Your Photos and Videos. The Hangar Talk subforum is for non-aviation-related discussions, while the Safety subforum is for discussing accidents and suggestions for improving safety. The Your Photos and Videos subforum is for sharing photos and videos of aviation-related topics.

The Help & Feedback section is for members who need help or have feedback about the community. Members can ask for help with technical issues, report bugs, or provide feedback about the community.

In conclusion, Airline Pilot Central Forums is a popular online community for airline pilots that provides a platform for discussing various topics related to aviation. APCF is a valuable resource for pilots who are building their careers and want to connect with other professionals in the industry.

Pilots of America Forum

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Pilots of America is a prominent online forum that caters to pilots worldwide. This forum is regarded as one of the largest online communities for general aviation pilots, with more than 36,000 members and over 130,000 discussions. For more than a decade, it has been a popular online platform for aviation enthusiasts to exchange ideas, seek advice, and discuss various topics.

The forum is divided into four main sections, namely News and Management, Controlled Airspace, Confidential Subjects, and Pilot's Lounge. The News and Management section caters to official forum business, news, announcements, and technical support. The Controlled Airspace section hosts aviation-only forums, and topics unrelated to aviation are moved or deleted. Confidential Subjects offer anonymity to posters to prevent identification, but this feature is available only when the disclosure relates to an individual's potential or existing medical condition, a possible violation of FAA regulations, or an accident in which the poster was involved. The Pilot's Lounge section is a general forum where pilots can engage in virtual conversations about any topic, whether aviation-related or otherwise.

Controlled Airspace is the most popular section of the forum, with active subforums such as Flight Following, Pilot Training, Maintenance Bay, and Cool Places to Fly. Flight Following allows pilots to ask general questions or discuss aviation-related topics. Pilot Training is a forum where students and instructors can seek advice or share their experiences in aviation training. Maintenance Bay provides a platform for pilots to ask technical questions related to aircraft maintenance. Cool Places to Fly is a forum where pilots can share their experiences of flying to interesting destinations.

The Pilot's Lounge section also has an active subforum called Hangar Talk, which is an open forum for discussion on any topic, aviation-related or otherwise. The forum's primary requirement is that all discussions should be civil and respectful to other members.

In conclusion, Pilots of America is a popular online platform for pilots worldwide to exchange ideas, seek advice, and discuss various topics related to aviation. The forum's four main sections offer a range of subforums that cater to the diverse interests and needs of its members.

Flying Subreddit at r/flying

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The subreddit r/flying serves as a platform for individuals involved in aviation to exchange ideas and perspectives. Launched on September 3, 2008, this subreddit fosters discussion among pilots, students, instructors, and aviation professionals. With a membership exceeding 230,000, r/flying has become a significant forum for the aviation community. Members engage in conversations concerning various aspects of aviation, such as flight training, safety, regulations, and new technologies. By facilitating communication and knowledge sharing, this subreddit plays a vital role in promoting the growth and development of the aviation industry.

Professional Pilots Rumour Network

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The Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe) is an online forum that serves as a platform for the exchange of information and rumors related to the aviation industry, catering to aviation professionals, especially airline pilots. It is well-known among European and Anglophone pilot communities and frequently cited by media outlets in reports related to aviation. PPRuNe has become an important online community for pilots and aviation professionals, providing a platform for discussion, debate, and exchange of information about the aviation industry. With its large and active user base, PPRuNe is likely to remain an essential resource for the aviation community for years to come. Internet Brands acquired PPRuNe in August 2008.

Airliners.net Forum

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Airliners.net is a popular online community for sharing and discovering aviation-related content. It features several subforums catering to various interests and topics.

The Civil Aviation subforum covers factual events in the airline and general aviation industries. It provides users with the latest information and opinions on commercial aviation.

The Non-Aviation subforum is dedicated to discussions on unrelated topics. Users can engage in diverse conversations, and political comments are permitted.

The Technical/Operations subforum is designed for professionals and amateurs seeking in-depth discussions on technical issues, airline management, and operations.

Travel, Polls & Preferences is a subforum for opinion-based discussions on aviation-related topics. Users can seek advice on preferred carriers or share opinions on different aspects of aviation.

The Aviation Photography subforum covers equipment, techniques, digital editing, photography-related news, and spotting tips. Users can seek feedback on their photos from fellow photographers.

The Trip Reports subforum is dedicated to detailed discussions on specific trips taken, including photo-essays and start-to-finish accounts. It encourages users to provide comprehensive details that fellow enthusiasts will appreciate.

Overall, Airliners.net provides a comprehensive online platform for aviation enthusiasts to engage in discussions, share their experiences, and stay informed about the latest aviation news and trends.


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FLYER online magazine hosts a popular aviation forum, with various subforums catering to different interests within the aviation community. The General Aviation subforum is primarily dedicated to general aviation discussions, but also welcomes other aviation-related topics. The Help & Advice subforum, on the other hand, provides a platform for members to seek advice, share experiences, and discuss non-aviation topics. This subforum has a strict policy against discussions related to politics, religion, and personal vendettas.

The Student Pilots subforum is dedicated to individuals who are either learning to fly or are considering it, providing a platform for members to share their questions, comments, and experiences. Lastly, the Fly-Ins and Social Events subforum invites members to discuss upcoming events and make suggestions for new ones.

Overall, the FLYER online magazine forum serves as a valuable resource for the aviation community, providing a platform for discussion, exchange of information, and socialization. The diverse range of subforums caters to a broad spectrum of aviation enthusiasts, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The forum has strict guidelines to ensure that discussions remain respectful and informative. As such, it is a reliable source of information and a lively online community for aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Aviation Subreddit at r/aviation

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The subreddit r/aviation pertains to topics concerning aviation, encompassing aircraft, airplanes, and all forms of flying. It welcomes posts related to helicopters, rotorcraft, airships, balloons, paragliders, and winged suits, as well as any other means of airborne transportation. The subreddit was established on April 19th, 2008 and has garnered a substantial following, currently boasting over 1,100,000 members.

ProPilotWorld Forum

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ProPilotWorld operates as a distinguished forum for professional pilots, offering a valuable platform for information and networking. Boasting a membership of over 22,000, the website is owned and operated by pilots themselves, with its establishment dating back to 2006. The forum has amassed an impressive archive of over 1,800,000 posts, cementing its status as a highly reputable resource in the industry.

Helicopters Subreddit at r/Helicopters

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The Helicopters subreddit, hosted at r/Helicopters, serves as an online community for both aviation experts and aficionados who share a keen interest in helicopter-related topics. Its inception dates back to June 30, 2011, and since then, it has attracted a membership base exceeding 80,000 individuals.

Epic Flight Academy Forums

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Epic Flight Academy's Forum provides several subforums for students interested in aviation training. The International Flight School Students subforum connects foreign students with the Admissions Team to receive information on training in the US. The Aircraft Mechanic School subforum allows students to post questions and receive answers about Epic Flight Academy's Part 147 aircraft mechanic school. The Transfer Students subforum provides guidance on the admissions process for students at various stages of their aviation training. The Domestic Flight School Students subforum is designed for US residents who want to learn to fly, and they can ask questions about joining Epic Flight Academy regardless of their flight training background. The forum is a platform for students to connect and receive information on aviation training programs offered by Epic Flight Academy.

Recreational Flying Forum

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The Recreational Flying Forum caters to the recreational and general aviation community and is divided into four categories: General Forums, Aircraft Forums, Special Interest Forums, and Private Forums.

Jetcareers Forum

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The Jetcareers Forum encompasses a range of popular subforums that cover various topics. These subforums include General Topics, Member Announcements, Airline Pilots, Air Traffic Control, Flight Control/Dispatch, Jobs Available, and Airline News.

The Pilot's Place Forums

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The Pilot's Place Forum boasts a membership of more than 15,000 individuals and an archive of over 27,000 discussion threads. The forum caters to a diverse group of aviation enthusiasts including pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, manufacturers, vendors, and FBOs. With a welcoming atmosphere, the forum provides a platform for members to discuss and share information about their common interests.

Pilot's Forum Facebook Group

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The Pilot's Forum, established on October 31, 2018, is a Facebook group comprising over 26,000 members. Our analysis of the group's content revealed a predominant focus on light-hearted and entertaining aspects of aviation, including pictures and videos of aircraft.

Airline Pilots Subreddit at r/AirlinePilots

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Airline Pilots is a subreddit located at r/AirlinePilots, which serves as an amicable online platform for individuals to converse and vent about "Living the dream" of being a pilot. Open to all, the subreddit was founded on January 4, 2013, and currently boasts a membership of approximately 2,500 individuals.

15 Best Pilot Forums and Online Communities (2024)


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