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With their iconic proportions, powerful stance, and sophisticated technology, Rolls-Royce cars have been a timeless interpretation of true luxury worldwide since 1904, when Henry Royce, a highly-skilled engineer, and Charles Rolls, an owner of a car dealership, created their company, Rolls-Royce Limited. With a strong devotion to perfection, the founders aimed to create an elegant, perfectly crafted, and reliable vehicle. Even today, the company follows its policy: take the best that exists and make it better, if it does not exist, design it. Rolls-Royce is known for its luxurious cars all around the globe. As a prestigious brand with a 107-year history, Rolls-Royce has always been surrounded by stories about its legendary models, their brilliant performance and their owners. It began in 1907 when the first Rolls-Royce, the Silver Ghost, was launched. That car completed a 14,371 mile almost non-stop run gaining a strong reputation as 'the best car in the world.' This car remained in production until 1925 and was originally powered by a 7,036cc six-cylinder engine that was changed to a 7,428cc six-cylinder engine in 1909.

In 1922, the Rolls-Royce 20 HP, also known as the 'baby' Rolls-Royce, was launched. This car featured a straight six-cylinder that offered a capacity of 3,127 cc and provided a maximum speed of 62 mph. Three years later, the New Phantom, also known as the Phantom I, replaced the Silver Ghost and started the legendary Phantom family. The next representative of the family, the Phantom II, was built with an improved chassis that provided a previously unknown driving experience. The Park Ward Continental coupe, Barker close-coupled touring saloon, and Barker torpedo tourer were the most popular body styles. The first Rolls-Royce powered by a V12 engine - a 60 degree unit of 7,340cc was the Phantom III. Its best known body style was the Park Ward limousine, which provided a 91.84mph top speed and went 0-60 mph in 16.8 seconds. Rolls-Royce also kept developing new model lines. For instance, in the 1940s, the company launched the Silver Wraith powered by the 4887cc engine. The next Rolls-Royce, the Silver Dawn, featured a standard steel body and was powered by a 4,257cc six-cylinder in-line engine.

In the 1950s, the company designed and manufactured the Phantom IV exclusively for the Royal family and Heads of State. With only 18 ever being produced, that car was replaced by the Phantom V powered by a V8 engine at the end of the decade. The company has never rested on its laurels and kept developing new technologies making the best better. As a result, in 1965, the company launched the Silver Shadow featuring a monocoque chassis. In the early 1990s the BMW Group purchased the rights to manufacture Rolls-Royce cars starting a new chapter in the company's history. Today the company is headquartered and has its assembly plant in the Sussex Downs at Goodwood, UK, also known as the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood. The building was designed by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, a world-renowned architect, to have minimal impact on the environment. Since the company's foundation and till today, every Rolls-Royce car has been built by hand with scrupulous attention to every part and accessory. For instance, in the meticulous creation of the Rolls-Royce even the coachline, a symbol of quality and uncompromised craftsmanship, is applied by hand, while its graceful little Goddess, known as the spirit of ecstasy, is also carefully polished by hand.

The company entered the 21st century with an absolutely new Phantom followed by the Phantom Extended Wheelbase, the less formal Drophead Coupé and the sleek and seductive Phantom Coupé. With a full complement of advanced technology both under the bonnet and inside the car, the new Phantom delivers the abundance of effortless power that has always made Rolls-Royce such a pleasure to drive. Every part is designed to work in unison, while every accessory provides the true sense of luxury. The car offers fingertip control and a dynamic connection with the road, making driving an uncomplicated pleasure.

Later, the company launched the Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase that marked the next stage in the evolution of the marque, providing drivers with a feeling of understated elegance, pure luxury, and absolute control on the road. This car is a perfect combination of professionally crafted parts and unique accessories for those who know the true meaning of luxury and power. Today the Wraith is considered to be the most powerful and technologically-advanced Rolls-Royce in history that pushes the boundaries of design and engineering. Whatever Rolls-Royce you own and whatever part or premium accessory you are looking for, CARiD offers you a wide range of Rolls-Royce accessories and parts made by leading manufacturers that can be counted on for quality.

Dress your vehicle up. Keep it running at its peak or unleash its hidden power. Make it look like it just rolled off the show room floor. Take care of it and maintain it. You name it, we've got it. We have gathered everything you need to make your Rolls Royce perfect both inside and out. CARiD's job is to meet your every expectation and provide you with quality and durable accessories and parts designed with excellence in mind. Whether you're after luxurious style, brisk performance, or anything in between, our wide assortment covers all the bases.

Rolls Royce Accessories & Parts at (2024)


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