This H&M dress looks just as good as the viral one which suits 'everyone' (2024)

'After being heavily influenced to find the TikTok viral H&M dress that 'looks good on everyone' - and to no avail - I found the next best thing and was pleasantly surprised'

This H&M dress looks just as good as the viral one which suits 'everyone' (1)

Over the last few weeks, my social media, in particular the #ForYouPage of my TikTok - has been bursting with videos, telling me to 'run' to H&M to pick up a- thanks to it's flattering silhouette and A-line skirt. I'm not embarrassed to admit that when it comes to fashion, I'm pretty easily influenced - don't judge, while TikTok can send you into a doomscroll that lasts hours, it's a wonderful platform for outfit inspo, okay? - and so, of course, I made the trip into the city to find this magical autumnal dress that'd set you back a mere £34.99.

You can imagine my disappointment when, in paying my local H&M a visit - a rather large one at that in the centre of Cardiff - I could not find said dress after searching high and low and back and front.

It was out of stock (in this particular store), I was told, after I plucked up the courage to ask a very helpful sales woman who explained that the dress had gone viral - I'd heard - and that people had been coming in and out of the shop since it came out to bag the very same dress I was there to get. I can only imagine. It was a (very material) travesty.

However, my trip was not wasted. This very helpful woman pointed me in the direction of another dress (£37.99) that, despite not having all the attributes of the viral dress for example a round neckline, flared cuffs and a slightly flared skirt, looked like a cosy, comfy alternative that would still be equally as cute on - and would keep be warmer with more of turtleneck vibe. And I was not wrong.

Grabbing a small and a medium (you never know with these high street shops as a size 8-10), I headed to the changing room with a pair of knee high boots to really get that 'fall fit' experience.

Now, as someone who seldom wears form fitting clothes - my personal preference is loose fit - I was intrigued to see whether this dress would give me the room I look for in clothing but also have that cute waist-cinching effect I liked in the viral dress.

It had the supportive and chic rib-knit material and texture of the viral number, which I liked as I felt like I wouldn't be subject to the dreaded VPL or worse, my undies being seen through the dress. What I also enjoyed was that, differing slightly to the aforementioned H&M dress, this one had balloon sleeves at the end of its dropped shoulders which meant I didn't get so hot and bothered and felt a bit more free. So far, so good.

Pulling the medium size over my head and inspecting myself in the mirror, it didn't look so bad. The skirt was loose and felt more like the A-line style of the dress I'd originally gone in to find and the midriff section wasn't gluing itself to my belly - tick. Plus, the length of the medium dress was much more appropriate for a 5'6 girly who didn't quite fancy flashing anyone should a gust of wind come along. Something the small size did not posses - although it did have a more skin-tight feel than floaty (as floaty as knitted material can be), which would save you in that scenario.

Pairing it with some black, chunky knee high boots, as an outfit it looked pretty cute - with a long woollen coat, such as this, (or my own trusty vintage leather) it'd look the perfect outfit for an autumnal stroll.

All in all, if you're at a loss and can't find the viral H&M dress that 'looks good on everyone', this turtle neck knited number is a pretty great close second - tried and tested. And if we apply Girl Math to this purchase, you would even save yourself money in buying it.

Hear me out - with a turtle neck, your neck would remain warm on a cold winter's day without the need for a scarf, plus, with bell sleeves, you can fit t-shirts and tights under it for added warmth. Whereas for the item I originally went in to buy, I'd most definitely need a scarf and wooly coat (and probably new ones at that) so in fact you're saving yourself an additional figure you'd spend on a scarf and coat. And if white isn't your bag, the turtleneck dress comes in a vibrant cerise (that's on sale for £23) and black. I'd even go as far as to say that I'm not inclined to go online and buy the viral number now (but that doesn't stop me from keeping an eye out in the shops when I'm next in the city).

Now, H&M isn't the only high street shop that's going bonkers for fall fashion. You won't go far without spotting a jumper dress or two in the shop window of the likes of River Island or Stradivarius. Similar to my H&M fallback, River Island has a cream knitted puff sleeve jumper dress that comes in grey (£40) and New Look has a cream loose fitting chunky roll neck version that would look great with a faux fur jacket and boots. If you want that flared skirt and cuffs, Stradivarius has a ribbed dress that comes in grey, black and khaki for only £22.99 that's great for when the weather doesn't quite know whether it's warming up or cooling down. If fitted is your flavour, Matalan has this oatmeal ribbed jumper dress that will take you from day to night.

If you're heart is set on the viral dress, get it online here (although be warned, stock is low because... it's viral). If you're happy to settle for an alternative that'll serve you just as well, click here.

This H&M dress looks just as good as the viral one which suits 'everyone' (2024)


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