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Hey guys, I have been receiving a lot of whispers about my build in crucible league and I would like to share the idea of the build and the reasons behind the item choices I made. I will also share the spectre choices we have.

First of all, we may start with the character: I will leave the character's week one version since it might be the more feasible and reachable version to do for most players. If you want to start the character with a budget, I would start with a 5-link covenant, severed in sleep, surrender, 100% poison chance on your jewel setup and it would be ready to go.

Build showcase videos:
Uber Eater: https://youtu.be/3oOb8sKK8JI
6 Man Uber Sirus: https://youtu.be/Apmspl6tZ0w
6 Man Uber Uber Elder: https://youtu.be/yOfWskRTqTg
5 man Uber Cortex: https://youtu.be/Uite3NnnA38

The main idea of the build is to be tanky enough to defeat the Uber bosses and have enough clear speed to breeze through the content and end-game maps. We achieve that by optimizing our spell suppression - block chance - poison damage on our minions and with some armour. The build in its current stage has max block, max spell suppression, and about 80% phy reduction with flasks.

3.24 changes:

- We take unnatural strength as our 4th lab after we switch to poison
- We replace withering touch support or chance to poison with void manipulation for highest possible dmg output
- Capping suppress became a bit of a hard task so consider using Spell Suppress chance is lucky mastery.
- Spectres are: Spectral leader + Ancient suffering

Day 2 gear: https://poe.ninja/builds/necropolis/character/MrsDeath_/SadPandaNecroTime?i=0&search=class%3DNecromancer%26name%3Dsadpa&timemachine=day-2


3.22 update: Temp chains got a small nerf other than that rest of the build still works same as 3.21.

I will add some changes here and provide the link of my character in it's first week state.
Some changes we have made:
- Swapped unnatural strength on ascendancy for Bone Barrier, it turns out that we need more phys reduction on early and we don't have the space for dmg conversion at first week.
- We get to have 3 spectres thanks to +1 to all intelligence gem tattoo where we place it to the 30 intelligence node underneath glancing blows. We will able to summon Wild Bristle Matron thanks to this new tech.
- Thanks to the abundance of intelligence passives we are able to tattoo our tree with chaos resistance and reduced curse effect which will lift the unnecessary chaos resist weight on our gear. You could also use +4 to all attributes tattoo to lift the dexterity requirement on our gear.
- Replica Dragonbreath is an amazing amulet as a subsidiary for ashes, you have to include this amulet if you want perma haste on your character and not just vaal haste from time to time. Put charisma on it and go berserk with speed of a thousand suns.
- I will add updates as they come along here.

The items:


Lets start with the weapon: it turns out that unupgraded chayula sword, severed in sleep provides us a better gameplay than united in dream. I also get questions that why do I use wither in gem slot, because I like the extra 30% chaos dmg I am getting from it, I like the flat dmg instead of increase. I dont care what pob says, it is probably wrong. I swap to united in dream when my passive tree can not hold the jewel socket requirement that is needed with the unupgraded weapon. This happens when we introduce flame and flesh jewels to our build and when we need the jewel slots for purposes other than stacking poison chances.

Chest piece and gems: We need at least 1 white socket in our 6 link.
This is because we would like to swap in and out unbound ailments with melee splash gem, we need unbound ailments for bosses and melee splash for clear purposes.
If you have a 5 link you may remove the unbound ailments gem.
If you don't have a 6 link and a white socket you may use 1 green and 1 red and swap out and in multistrike with melee splash.

Amulet: Ashes is the Best in the slot for us but you may use Jinxed juju before you obtain the ashes. After the introduction of replica dragonfang, it provides us an alternative to the ashes and we could use it on the lower budgets.

Helmet: We need +2 and spell suppression here
Boots and Gloves: Spell suppression, resists and dexterity are required for our build.
Rings: Chaos res, resists, and life like every other piece.

Shield: Budget versions may use Exarch's shield Dawnbreaker, however, The Surrender provides us 500 life on block at its best state in some cases more with passives, I would prefer to surrender to any other shield any day. At 4k life it provides us with 12.5% life on block and it's simply amazing.

Belt: darkness enthralled for maximized poison chance. Once you have enough increased effect on darkness enthralled, like 98, 99, or 100, the jewels you put in the darkness enthralled may allow you to cut down on the jewels you use on your tree. You cut down an abyss jewel once you reach enough effect, which would provide you with about a 56% poison chance on your jewels and a 100% chance to avoid stuns if you choose your jewels well.

This one is open to improvisation but I generally use the auras I have on my character:
Malevolence - Haste - Determination - Tempest shield

Haste is there for smooth gameplay with shield charge and eases the clunkiness that comes with the minion playstyle. I suggest everyone to introduce the haste aura to your gameplay if you can because it will feel great.
If you have issues with your mana reservation before ashes, you may remove haste and re-introduce the vitality and defiance banner to your build.

Flasks: Since our block counts as a hit we can absolutely abuse gain charges on hit prefix on our flasks:


Jewels on our tree:


Now, about our jewels, we need 100% poison chance and we may also add more utility to ourselves by using our jewel suffixes smartly. These are stun immunity, ignite immunity, accuracy for minions which allows us to remove 1 point from the tree(250 accuracy on mastery), life, etc, flat dmg for minions, etc.

Amanamu adds us about 30% more dot dmg IF we have at least 5 socketed ghastly eye jewels including Amanamu itself so its great, we also have a green nightmare which is required for a spell suppression cap, you may purchase that when you want to have your 100% spell supp. Until you have 100% spell suppression you may use the mastery, spell suppression is lucky on the tree.

Clusters, you may use a cluster with rotten claws and call to the slaughter, renewal is just a +, you need blessed rebirth for your srs survivability and dmg output and you need life from death for your other minions to survive.

Levelling of acts:
Start with magma orb then covert to srs after level 4 and then keep going with absolution + srs after act 1. You will find gems, item sockets colors and links in these links with the tree progression through the acts. I recommend finding 2 items at act 1 with 3 links B-B-R for srs and absolution links.

End of act 1:

End of Act 2:

End of Act 3:1st lab done

End of Act 4:

End of Act 5:

End of act 6:

End of act 7:2nd lab done

End of act 8:

End of act 9:

End of act 10: 3rd lab done

4th lab completed:

Lvl 90 before going poison, still srs + absolution doing t16 maps:

Spectres during campaign: 2x carnage chieftains.
Whole levelling thread compiled into one pob link thanks to Lendoria:


Lendoria wrote:


Before poison srs in maps:
I want to make a suggestion here, we could put haste instead of our purity or malevolence aura because it makes the gameplay very smooth and bearable.
I was able to switch to poison srs from my regular srs + vaal absolution build within 24 hours of the league start. I would also like to share the base of my league start: https://poeplanner.com/b/DB4

When can you swap to the poison srs?
You need 100% poison chance on your minions and at least severed in sleep and preferably a 5-link covenant chest. You could possibly use a chance to poison gem instead of withering touch if you are having a hard time with reaching 100% poison chance.
This is my day 2 league start of ancestors so it can give you an idea of what to expect at start: https://poe.ninja/builds/ancestor/character/MrsDeath_/SadPandaAncientOne?i=0&search=class%3DNecromancer&time-machine=day-2

The road map to the upgrades from budget build to endgame bosser:
- Acquire your severed in sleep and 100% poison chance to start the poison version.
- Covenant chest piece
- Darkness Enthralled
- +1 or +2 helmet (how to craft it: dense+pristine+metallic on a helmet above ilvl 75)
- Suppress gear, achieve 100% spell suppression
- Surrender shield
- Dream upgrade on weapon, free some jewel slots for spell suppress after surrender upgrade.
- Replica Dragonfang's flight on amulet, 15% rmr on it with charisma allocated, this will allow us to introduce perma haste aura to our build, this is important.
- Start buying alt quality gems, like divergent srs, divergent melee splash, divergent multistrike etc.
- Amanamu's gaze update.
- Void Beacon jewels, flesh and flame.
- Ashes of the stars upgrade, 15%+ rmr any quality %
- Awakened multistrike update, this is big for single target.
- Last but not least, Mageblood upgrade, at this point our build becomes incredibly agile and tanky.

About the spectres: I am currently using 2 spectres:
-Ancient suffering - obtained in delve, haunted remains
Arena Master - obtained from Drox's maps.
If you have 3 spectres you may add: -Wild Briste Matron - obtained from harvest*(It said delve and I felt embarrassed looking back into the guide and figuring out I was on autopilot while writing that information ^^)

You may whisper me in the game for the spectres.

Brand usage: you can cast your brand ahead of you into the packs from survivability then when you get an offering just move, on bosses you may prepare the brand on the boss for the curse and the offering, warning: you have to have your desecrate linked and placed before your offering or it will wait another turn to trigger it.

Golem: We need a stone golem to recover the cost of life we get from our covenant.

Pantheons: Brine King and Abberath
Bandits: kill them all

How to use the build and the skill bar:
Now, I usually map with melee splash on the red socket, if you can get a chest with at least 1 white - 3 blues - 1 red - 1 green socket, you may use melee splash + multistrike + wither + minion dmg + srs + unleash as your links to ease the clear(with a white socket you would be swapping melee splash and unbound ailments). If you have 1 red 1 green and 4 blues, just swap in and out melee splash and multistrike for clear and boss killing respectively.

How to map, I usually shield charge around the packs, leave srs twice then move on. I would suggest using the Arcanist brand on big packs or where you would feel like you need the block and let the srs take care of the packs from distance.

On the crucible league mechanic: Cook it until 90% then move to a safe distance and cast your srs from that point with a brand left behind. This is both for your safety and your minion's safety.

On bosses: Put the multistrike back on, leave a brand on the unsuspecting boss, and melt them. We are not immortal, you might have to dodge stuff on some bosses, do not expect to clear Uber bosses right away but as you learn the build they will become very easy to do.
I would leave 24 srs' on pinnacle bosses with a brand and let them do the work. Let your minions deal damage unless they disappear or get killed, you do not have to respawn them.
You might want to save your vaal haste and vaal molten shell for hard phases such as the uber shaper ball phase. Keep them ready to burst down the bosses or use your 20-second vaal molten shell to keep yourself alive on a hard phase.

Every 20 seconds you need to recast the Envy aura. It is important for the minion flat damage which improves the chaos dot dmg our minions deal which is our main source of damage.

Ancient suffering gives an incredible dmg boost on bosses, you want to keep him alive and respawned all the time. With the socket setup I have and the offhand weapons I hold, I always have a desecrate on my offhand weapons so when I swap my weapons there will be a desecrate that is not linked to the trigger and raise spectres waiting for me on the skill bar ready to be used.
With that tech, you can simply swap weapons, respawn your dead spectre, change back to our original weapon and shield set and recast tempest shield + stone golem, and get ready to go.
I keep my golem on ctrl+t just in case he dies mid-fight on a big fight.

Witch - [3.24] SadPanda's Poison Summon Raging Spirits Build Guide | Ubers and T17s Done - Forum - Path of Exile (1)

Q: My spell suppression is under 100% what do I do?
A: Until you reach 100% spell suppression you need to allocate your spell suppression is lucky mastery on the suppression wheel.

Q: My spectres are dying what do I do?
A: You need to get a jewel with both blessed rebirth and life from death and it has to have at most 5 passives.



Jarraxas wrote:

Thoughts on using Surrender Shield vs Aegis with Mind over Matter? Or would they be pretty similar?

A: I get this question a lot so I will explain it and then put it on the thread.


Surrender provides us with about 500 life block on hit which is equal to 12-13% life gain on block. That is unmatched for our defenses and can recover us from dire situations like my 6-man sirus fight.

Aegis is an old idea with MoM. I do not recommend using mom because dots will go through our mana and leave us with nothing to cast our srs with. This is the main reason I quit MoM and aegis. It will provide us 5 cold max res and great es but without MoM it will be no use. On the other hand, surrender provides us ehp recovery directly and can save us at any time.

This is the main reason I choose new surrender over aegis. Oh and since we require the eldritch battery to cast our skills we can not rely on aegis for our direct ehp recovery.

Mageblood version of the character on pob: https://pobb.in/yHbFmX4J

Btw guys, I am looking for feedback, I know skele mages from front to back because I have experienced them for about 6 leagues but srs poison is a new concept and I would like to improve on parts that players might find faulty. So, if you have any issues with the build or you have any recommendations, I am open to suggestions. Thank you.

Witch - [3.24] SadPanda's Poison Summon Raging Spirits Build Guide | Ubers and T17s Done - Forum - Path of Exile (2024)


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